Excellent New TV Season Begins

So many TV shows have resumed their TV seasons in the past two weeks. Among them are True Blood, Weeds, Louie, and Futurama. What does this mean for me? Frankly, my productivity level is going to dip as I'll be spending less time in front of the computer, and more time in front of the TV. Although to be fair all the time that I spend on the computer isn't necessarily productive...it's just time spent trying to lull myself into a state of productivity. This doesn't always work. Sometimes I find myself going on Facebook, only to close Facebook and re-open Facebook in a new tab. So maybe with these distractions I'll find myself even more productive than before, when I didn't have TV shows that I needed to watch. Just so you know, there are NO spoilers ahead. I'm speaking as generally as a Major General. The 'big mother of all attention seeking shows' that made me realize that I was entering into a summer flush with excellent TV has been True Blood. Entering its 4th season, this show never ceases to entertain and confound me. The understanding of 'weird' in the True Blood universe is so far removed from any other normal notions of 'weird' that if they were to have a character suddenly turn into Medusa one episode I wouldn't give it much more than a thought. This show does whatever it likes with its plot, twisting and turning it around so much that after watching a full season's worth of True Blood you no longer exclaim 'WTF' - you merely nod your head and keep watching. »

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Your TV Experience Is Changing

Everyone seems to be talking about TV nowadays. Everywhere I turn I’m seeing new technologies being created to alter how people currently use and interact with their TV. I can’t say this is bad news - technology tends to improve what already exists. »

Google TV Coming Soon

This is fresh news from last week: Google announced an upcoming product called Google TV. It's Google's try to make TV better. Imagine watching a TV show and wanting to look up an actor name: you activate Google TV that hovers over your show and lets you search for the actor's name and then go to his imdb.com page or Wikipedia page. Simple, fun, and hopefully useful. Check out Gizmodo's thorough overview and then watch Google's promotional video that'll show you how awesome Google TV may be. »