Varieties of Sleep

The varieties of sleep come in complex shades, each version informed of the day past so it may shape the day ahead. While grey remains the primary color there are other hues that are infrequently used. A night of blue sleep is deep and murky - not unlike the ocean deep. A pink sleep is one of levity, awash with pastels and twisted dreams. It is not always possible to remember a dream. In turn it is at times impossible to remember the character of your sleep. The morning you wake bogged and weary, holding a head twice its usual gravital pull have no given thanks to the night's sleep. The rest that usually accompanies the repose has been overlooked, forcing your hand toward an unfit morning and languid day. The day crawls while you starve of R.E.M. While you count the minutes to 5pm you remember the great difficulty you had leaving your bed. You yearn to return but fear if its covered warmth will remain uninhabitable. Yet what other options remain? »

The Internet Sleeps

It seems there is an unspoken but upheld rule that the Internet sleeps on the weekend. Unlike the frenzy of the work week, the Internet - as a whole - seems to go into a quiet vegetative state as soon as the clock strikes 5pm on Friday. »

Waking Up In The Morning


Good morning Sam, I hope you enjoy your stay.

In the morning of the first day of the month Sam opened his eyes while still laying in bed. They opened to the morning, with sun streaming around the blinds, and focused on the life of the day that was waiting around to be seen. There was no particular focus to Sam's eyes. Rather, an embracing of the new day occurred seamlessly, bridging the night from yesterday to the morning of today. The past seven hours snubbed out as but a fantasy of a memory, remembered as myth and nary believed to have truly elapsed. »