Focus on Effort, Not on Smarts

In a detailed article Jonah Lehrer discusses scientific studies that focus on how and why people learn the way they do. »

23andMe DNA Day Sale

You're only as healthy as you are knowledgeable. That's an old saying that I just made up making it quite new and fresh. »

Week of Links 012

The Original Prototype Of The Super Soaker They just don’t make ‘em like they used to - if they ever used to make ‘em like that. I wonder if one of those prototypes ever found its way onto eBay - and what price it fetched. That’s like a kid gold mine right there. »

Week of Links 011

The Latest Galaxy Tab Video Spot Makes A Solid Case For the 7-inch Android Tablet Looks pretty spiffy. I don’t think I would take this over my iPad but it definitely shows what future Android tablet computers may be like. Something that definitely has my interest. »

Week of Links 009


Week of Links 004

Sorry about the delay for getting this post online. It’s been a wickedly busy week and I figured it be better to take my time with this post rather than rush it. Lots of great goodies for you here. Read on, and enjoy! »