Blogging Is Harder Than You Think

When I began to blog I wasn't aware of the challenges I would be facing. ’So many people blog all the time, it can't be that hard!’. I could not have been more wrong. »

What Happens When I Don't Post?

This is the first time in two years that I have gone more than a week without a blog post. On one hand I feel very shitty about this. I feel like I should be beating myself up for not being more proactive in writing a post. »

Blog Stat Anxiety

I try really hard to ignore the stats for this blog. I try. I really do. But it’s so damn hard sometimes. »

Blogging In 2011: A Year In Review

This is my year in review blog post, and oh what an exciting blog post it's going to be! »

On Writing And Blogging Healthily

20111219-224920.jpgWhen is there time to think? Or rather, when is there time to write? When all the hours of the day are spent concentrating to create feats of engineering how can I then kick back and let the literary imagination flow? »

My Writing Niche Is Me

I write a lot here about my difficulties writing. This is kind of oxymoronic as when I do write, the topic is about how I can't write. Yet because I'm writing about how I can't write I actually have written something - despite the subject of the written work being how I can't do what I just did. »