Writing Is Like Creating a Product

When I sit down to write I typically bring my engineering mind to the task. It's the part of me which requires that 2 comes after 1, that every part of a whole is carefully planned out, sized up, and evaluated before any form of actual creation truly begins. The engineering side of me requires rules and structure, and a desire to know what the future holds so that I can plan for it today. »

Long Form and Short Form, Where do they belong?

Warning: what follows rambles and has no real point except to think aloud. Read at your own indulgance. »

How do producers consume?

When you're a producer of content that undeniably accounts for a large part of your time. »

A new blank slate.

a-new-blank-slate »

The Fear Found At Beginnings

I always, without exception, hate starting new posts. I always get a clutch of fear in my chest that doesn't let go till I get to paragraph three. »

Writing Technical Prose

I have a certain amount of difficulty writing technical posts. By their nature they are formal and structured, a stark contrast from the literary flow I prefer. »