Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

Sometimes I find our society's recent obsession with vampires to be quite tiresome. Other times I find it to be pretty cool. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is one example of an awesome use of vampires. »

Bourne Legacy Trailer

Today's been a pretty slow day. The definite highlight was the release of the trailer for the upcoming Bourne Legacy film starring Jeremy Renner. I think Renner will make a great Bourne. So long as the film keeps the spirit of the earlier ones it has all the hallmarks of another great action flick. I got goosebumps watching this trailer. Wonderful and delicious goosebumps. »

First The Three Stooges Trailer

The first trailer for The Three Stooges movies is available to watch right now. »

Second Charlie Christ Trailer Released

Over the weekend I took part in a special event for a movie my friends are making called 'Charlie Christ: The Gospel According to Fools'. I've helped my friends a fair amount with the production of this movie and over the weekend an event was held to update everyone on its progress, as well to release the second official trailer of the movie. »

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