What is Google+?

There's been a lot of talk recently about Google's new social network, Google+. Seems like everywhere people are trying to make sense of it. 'Are you in?' is what they ask followed by 'Can you invite me?'. It's amazing what a little exclusivity and a lot of good execution can do for a product. Certainly reminds me of an older website that people used to be head-over-heels with: Facebook. »

Redesign of Wolff Technologies

Today it is my great pleasure to present to you the redesign of my freelance web design company, Wolff Technologies! This redesign has been in the works for just over a month, going through quite a few changes in concept and approach. »

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Flash Review

Today, mostly on a whim, I grabbed my Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook with me to take on the train into work. At home I use the device infrequently for two reasons: 1) My first experience was with an early build that still had trackpad issues - causing my use of the device to be highly frustrating and un-enjoyable. 2) You can't beat the power of a MacBook Pro. »

Quick Picture Posting


Learn How To Make Websites

This is awesome. Want to Learn How To Make a Website? Then go over to Mozilla's new page that has complete walk-throughs that teach you how to make your own website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are yours for the learning! Get going! »

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Submitting My 23andMe Saliva Sample

My 23andMe kit arrived in the mail today. A nicely colored box was what I found in my mailbox, greeting me to myself. »