Good Morning Spring

Good morning Spring. Why so pale? »

Such Snowfall - Pictures

New England was hit with a fresh blanket of snow last night. I woke up this morning to see the landscape renewed in its snowy vitality. Aside from working, I took some time to capture the silent snowy cool outside my window. Enjoy: »

Snowing In New England

It's snowing again in New England. I thought 'Mother Nature' would have grown tired of dusting us with her white dust bunnies but she seems to be getting a kick out of making everyone's commute a certified thrill ride. You are so crafty Miss Nature! »

Music Tuesday

I had a very snowy Tuesday morning. After going to bed at an unusually early hour I woke up at two odd intervals during my sleep. First time was at 2am when I have the barest memory of making myself a piece of bread and butter. Second time was at 8am and resulted in an hour spent reading about web2py. »