My Favorite Sublime Text 2 Plugins aka Packages

The current code editor that is widely in vogue amongst programmers is far and above Sublime Text 2. There's many reasons that ST2 usurped this crown previously held by TextMate (it's new and actively maintained) but one of the biggest reasons is its ability to have its core functionality extended via plugins. »

Fix Mustache Templates From Being Cached

For development I've grown to love using Mustache templates. Encouraging presentation and layout over logic and control-flow make for template files that are easy to read and update at later points, as all that exists are template tags and HTML markup. »

My Experience with Ruby On Rails as a PHP Developer

Note: This post is an extension of my previous post about developing with PHP frameworks. »

Version 0.3 of HarryWolff WordPress Theme In Use

Well, look what we have here! »

GitHub Favorites: A Google Chrome Extension

tl;dr: I made a Chrome Extension. Find the source code here. Install it from here. »

Say Hi To Couplytuna

What is on my mind? What is something I want to write about that I don't usually write about. »