As I Regress I Will Assess And Subsequently Progress

When writing one of your strongest assets is that of concentration. The ability to start and finish a sentence without pause during its construction is one vital to strong literature. When a break is taken between the beginning and end of a sentence's creation its fluidity is jeopardized. However there are no tautologies to this claim - some sentences require pause during their creation, demanding rest before made whole. »

Good Morning Spring

Good morning Spring. Why so pale? »

The Creative Mind Resurfaces

I've been trying to write anything recently without much success. Every time I think about opening a document to write something I balk and fearfully run away, believing whatever I would have written wouldn't add up to much. »

Working In Overdrive

You may be wondering why I haven't been so active here recently (recently being the past two months, which I suppose should more appropriately be described as 'lately'). »

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New Apartment Reflections

The life away from home is a unique one. The many innocuous and small discrepancies from living under the roof of your parents are completely unknowable until their existence is forced into clarity. »

Let's Try Some New WordPress Themes

It's been almost a year that I've had this blog using the default WordPress theme "TwentyTen". Well, it's about time for a change! So feast your eyes around...there's new decorations everywhere you look! »