My First App: Jot

In the middle of last year I began playing around with iOS development. I've long been curious about Objective-C and Cocoa Touch, trying tutorials and reading documentation on and off for a few years. Every so often I'd begin work on an application only to have it end in frustration: either I didn't enjoy what I was working on or more commonly the learning curve proved too steep. »

When Tech Breaks - How My iPad Randomly Broke

Over the weekend one of the strangest things happened to me. I found it so strange because not only have I never experienced this before but I've never heard of anyone else experiencing it either. Even after searching online I couldn't even find anyone that had experienced this same problem. »

Fearful of Productivity, Proud of Inaction

There is nothing stopping me from writing but myself. Not one little thought exists that has such a persuasive pull as to jerk me from my keyboard (physical or otherwise). It's only me. Little introverted me that continuously stops my creative flow. »

Permalink Structure Update

I've just updated the permalink structure of the URLs for this blog. »

Blogging Is Harder Than You Think

When I began to blog I wasn't aware of the challenges I would be facing. ’So many people blog all the time, it can't be that hard!’. I could not have been more wrong. »

Version 0.3 of HarryWolff WordPress Theme In Use

Well, look what we have here! »