Creating A New WordPress Theme

The theme around here is feeling a little stale to me. I've started working on a new theme for this blog, using WordPress-Skeleton as the base for the git repo and the Bones theme as my theme's starting foundation. »

The Best Mac Git Gui

Git is one of the most powerful and effective revision control systems available. It's lightweight and highly configurable, complimenting almost anyone's programming workflow. Predominately you interact with git from the command line, inputting commands such as git status or git commit to manipulate your repository. »

Prune Remote Git Branches

Git is a wonderful version control system. It’s light, nimble, and fast. It makes managing code amongst many developers a dream. »

Updated Two Pages

Updated two pages to reflect recent purchases: my Toys page and my Wishlist page. I have way too much fun sometimes, I've decided. In other news, I've been struggling to get Git working on my Webfaction account without success. I submitted a support question, I hope I get a response back that fixes my problems. Oy, frustration! »

Exploring Git

Was doing some research on git today. I've been using SVN a lot at work and was looking to start using SVN at home for my personal projects but, per a reminder by a co-worker, I set my eyes back to git and have just been doing some reading onto its capabilities and use. I've found that git is a very handsome revision control system. (If you'd like for me to go into more detail on what a revision control system is, why it's useful, and why it's awesome, just leave a comment asking for a post and I'll do so.) »