Web Application Development Frameworks - Part 1

For a long time Ruby on Rails has been the 'cool kid on the block' when it comes to contemporary web application development. A good way to understand what a 'contemporary web application' is to view the list of applications that have already been built on Ruby on Rails (RoR). Some notables in the list are Twitter, Groupon, Funny or Die, and Hulu. That's some good company. »

Coming Soon

I wish I had something more substantial to show here. The fact of the matter is I've been working at a fever pace to get what I'm calling version 1.0 of the Best and Worst Project ready. As I realized tonight, the Python programming language has the uncanny ability to raise my frustration level from 0 to 100 without any effort. In any event, I'll have that fun website ready to show you soon. For now sit tight please. :) »

Updated Two Pages

Updated two pages to reflect recent purchases: my Toys page and my Wishlist page. I have way too much fun sometimes, I've decided. In other news, I've been struggling to get Git working on my Webfaction account without success. I submitted a support question, I hope I get a response back that fixes my problems. Oy, frustration! »