Consume or Create

When consuming a lot of media it makes the process of creating media very difficult. »

How To Find A Tech Job

I'm helping a friend find a job. I've already gone through the entire job search process and I do not envy the guy. It's a hard, grueling process but one that when successful is such a rush. »

Web Application Development Frameworks - Part 1

For a long time Ruby on Rails has been the 'cool kid on the block' when it comes to contemporary web application development. A good way to understand what a 'contemporary web application' is to view the list of applications that have already been built on Ruby on Rails (RoR). Some notables in the list are Twitter, Groupon, Funny or Die, and Hulu. That's some good company. »

Nikon D7000 Mounted With A Zoom H4n

So as you saw in my last post, I have - after long last - my Nikon D7000. What you may not know is that I also have in my possession a Zoom H4N. With these two electronic gadgets together I am poised to make great art! »