Media Queries, Viewports, and Responsive Layouts - oh my!

The world wide web isn't what it used to be. Back in the day you only had to develop for one screen. One screen that was a nice square 15" CRT monitor, whose resolution you could safely predict would be 1024x768 or less. Back in those days you had the glory of CSS1 and table based layouts. You were content and happy because that's all you knew and it worked well enough for you. »

My Experience with Ruby On Rails as a PHP Developer

Note: This post is an extension of my previous post about developing with PHP frameworks. »

Blogging Is Harder Than You Think

When I began to blog I wasn't aware of the challenges I would be facing. ’So many people blog all the time, it can't be that hard!’. I could not have been more wrong. »

The Best Mac Git Gui

Git is one of the most powerful and effective revision control systems available. It's lightweight and highly configurable, complimenting almost anyone's programming workflow. Predominately you interact with git from the command line, inputting commands such as git status or git commit to manipulate your repository. »

Prune Remote Git Branches

Git is a wonderful version control system. It’s light, nimble, and fast. It makes managing code amongst many developers a dream. »

My Experience with PHP Frameworks - Yii, CodeIgniter, and Symfony

A week ago I started work on a personal web project using PHP as my programming language of choice. This wasn’t a hard decision as I use PHP daily for work and have a great deal of strength in the language. »