On Writing And Blogging Healthily

20111219-224920.jpgWhen is there time to think? Or rather, when is there time to write? When all the hours of the day are spent concentrating to create feats of engineering how can I then kick back and let the literary imagination flow? »

Typing On An iPad

I love my iPad. It's one of the most portable and versatile devices I have ever known. It can seamlessly switch from being a web browsing device to a full screen video game without much effort. I'm able to check my mail on it as well as read a good book. »

The Early Stages Of Success

It isn't always possible to get something right on the first go around. There’s a lot of factors at play that could push the success of a project to become a failure. It's no fun to work on something that ends up being a failure. A by product of mismanaged time that cannot be replaced. »

Happy 25th Birthday To Me

Today I turned twenty-five. That could also be written as 25. Two digits, two hyphenated words. It could also be said that I am a quarter-century old. One quarter of a full 100. That still makes me 25. 25 years old and I get a quarter. »

Consume or Create

When consuming a lot of media it makes the process of creating media very difficult. »

Video Games

There was a time in my life when I was constantly playing video games. It started when I was near six years old and introduced to my first video game, 'Bubble-Bobble'. It was a simple Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game, with simple mechanics and addictive gameplay. You lived your life as a little square monster who projected bubbles at enemies, trapping them inside the bubbles, which then allowed you to jump on top of the bubbled monster to bounce them off the screen and conquer the level. »