Why Haven't I Been Blogging?

Ugh. »

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Why I Switched My Blog to Ghost

I talked about it last week and the change is finally here. »

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My Ghost Wishlist (Coming From WordPress)

I'm preparing to move this blog to the new and beautiful blogging software Ghost. I've already been helping out on the GitHub repo, committing code to make sure Ghost is the best it can be. The fact that it's written in node.js is what truly excites me. That means I can delve into the codebase with confidence whenever I want to modify the behavior however I'd like. After all, it's just JavaScript. »

Blog Stat Anxiety

I try really hard to ignore the stats for this blog. I try. I really do. But it’s so damn hard sometimes. »

New Theme, 'Ari'

If you can't tell, I've changed the theme of my blog. The old one was beginning to grow old for me. I liked a lot of what it did, which is why I haven't switched to a radically different layout, but I was yearning for something a little more fresh. (Also the font choices on the old theme were beginning to really grate on me. They didn't make any sense and seemed to arbitrarily capitalize things with no reason arbitrarily. Just like that sentence.) »


There's a certain amount of comfort that comes from habit. It keeps things predictable, which in turn lets you worry less because you know what to expect. It's much easier to go about your day with expectations than having to constantly relearn the behaviors around you. »